The Happiness Diet And The Soup Diet Recipe

We all have heard about the connection of our mood when it comes to the food that we eat. What we eat directly affects our mood because of several factors. Hormones for example can go haywire if we eat certain foods that affect the endocrine system. Just take aphrodisiacs for example; these are foods that enhance sexual desire. This is a classic example that food can definitely affect what we feel.

Currently, a diet plan that is gaining some substantial attention from many health conscious people is a diet called the happiness diet. While many diet plans are designed and promoted as a weight loss plan, this diet is promoted as a way to increase one’s happiness. This boils down to the fact that when we eat unbalanced meals and unhealthy food, our bodies react negatively and therefore making us more stressful, irritated and “unhappy”.

This is kind of diet is gaining much popularity. A related diet that can be compared to this purpose is the soup diet. While this diet plan is originally promoted as a weight loss diet program, those who have tried it can easily call it a happiness diet as well. And why is this so, you may ask? Well, if you were to lose 15lbs in just 7 days, wouldn’t you be happy? But seriously, the cabbage soup was designed with cleansing the body in mind. We all know that someone who is “dirty on the inside” is more irritated than someone who has a healthy body. These two diets, while they may be different from each other, can both provide the much needed satisfaction for those who will try them.

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